Financial Post Directory of Directors

Financial Post Directory of Directors, 2024

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Financial Services Canada

Financial Services Canada

Since 1931, the Financial Post Directory of Directors has been recognizing leading Canadian companies and their execs. Today, this title is one of the most comprehensive resources for hard-to-find Canadian business information, allowing readers to access roughly 16,800 executive contacts from Canada’s top 1,300 corporations. This prestigious title offers a definitive list of directorships and offices held by noteworthy Canadian business people. It also provides details on leading Canadian companies—publicly traded and privately-owned, including company name, contact information and the names of their executive officers and directors.

The updated 2024 edition of the Directory of Directors is jam-packed with information, including:

  • ALL-NEW front matter
  • Personal listings: many contacts have been added to this new edition. First name, last name, gender, birth date, degrees, schools attended, executive position and directorships, previous positions held, main business address and more.
  • Company listings: many companies have been added. Boards of directors and executive officers, head office address, phone and fax numbers, toll-free number, web and email addresses.
  • An industrial classification index: List of key Canadian companies, sorted by industry type according to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®).

Powerful indexes enabling researchers to target just the information they need include:

  • a geographic location index grouping all companies in the Company Listings section according to the city and province/state of the head office; and
  • an alphabetical list of abbreviations providing definitions of common abbreviations used for terms, titles, organizations, honours/fellowships and degrees throughout the Directory.

The Directory is also available online, through Canada’s Information Resource Centre. Readers can access this title’s in-depth and vital networking content in the format that best suits their needs—in print, by subscription or online.

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