Salem Press Titles

We are pleased to present this year's new titles and award-winning multivolume sets, all with complimentary online access. In 2013, Grey House Publishing partnered with Salem Press and EBSCO Information Services to ensure that this outstanding product line would continue to be available to the reference community. Libraries have counted on Salem Press for a wide range of informed, accessible, rich, and original content for High School, Colleges and Public Libraries.

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Salem Press - Literature

Every genre, every writing style and every continent is included in Salem Press' World Literature. This collection features critical surveys and annual updates with a remarkable 152 volumes of compelling reference matter. Read the Critical Insights compendium to get a deeper grasp on your favourite books and authors or do a little research on common themes in novels. Other series in the World Literature collection discuss world poets, feminist writings, notable playwrights, political novelists, religious theories and more classics.

Salem Press - History & Social Science

Salem has great resources on history throughout the world. Move through the centuries while you read about various topics, including the ancient world, the Renaissance period, the 17th century and other important eras. Read Salem Press's extensive Biography Titles that examine world-renowned writers, politicians, statesmen, first ladies, scientists and other key figures from every century.

Salem Press's Decades Series surveys events, movements, people, and trends in popular culture, literature, art, sports, science, technology, economics, and politics in both the United States and Canada in the twentieth century.

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Salem Press - Science, Business & Careers

Salem Science provides a wide variety of resources to help students and researchers explore robotics, computer science, ecology, biology, earth science, the solar system, the environment, applied science, mathematics, and so much more. These important sources provide the tools you need to support your science and STEM curriculums and research needs.

Titles on Salem Business provides a wide variety of resources to help students and researchers explore Education, Business History, American Industry and Careers, Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, and so much more.
Careers titles help students, undergraduates, and adult job seekers learn about today's cutting-edge careers from real professionals.

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Salem Press - Health & Sociology

Salem's Health titles cover all aspects of health to meet the needs of libraries and schools. The Salem Health series includes titles on Addictions & Substance Abuse, Alternative Medicine, Infectious Diseases & Conditions, Genetics & Inherited Conditions, Psychology & Mental Health, and Cancer.

Salem's new Principles of Sociology series provides valuable information on a wide range of issues that relate to personal relationships, group behavior, issues in society and how society develops, organizes, and changes. These volumes bring together a wide range of thought-provoking material that will be a valued addition to high school and university libraries, public libraries and social science collections at all levels.

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