An indispensable guide to government in Canada, this completely bilingual title provides information on both federal and provincial governments, courts and their elected and appointed members. • Detailed biographical sketches of members of the Governor General’s household, the privy council, members of Canadian legislatures (federal, including both the House of Commons and the Senate, provincial and territorial), members of the federal superior courts (supreme, federal, federal appeal, court martial appeal and tax courts) and the senior staff for these institutions • Biographies cover personal data, political career, private career and contact information • Descriptions of each of the institutions, such as brief historical information in text and chart format and significant facts, including the number of members and their salaries • Covers the results of all federal general elections and by-elections from confederation to the present and the results of the most recent provincial elections • Complete name index rounds out the text, making information easy to find • Four-colour section with maps, flags and coats of arms No other resource presents a more up-to-date, more complete picture of the Canadian government. A must-have resource for all Canadian reference collections. Pub. Date: March 2018 / 1,342 pages / Hardcover / $314.00 ISBN 978-1-68217-832-4 / e-Book 978-1-68217-833-1 Online Database: Call (866) 433-4739 for a price quote. Your key to thousands of environmentally-sound products and services starts here. Plus! GET ONE YEAR FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT PURCHASE!* This is the most complete and only national listing of major environmental companies, municipal governments, environmental trade representatives and a products and services buyer’s guide. • The extensive Products and Services section provides detailed listings enabling users to identify the company name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, web address, firm type, contact names (and titles), product and service information, affiliations, trade information, branch, and affiliate data. • This new edition includes 39 biographies of prominent Canadian environmentalists, an expanded environmental chronology & statistics section, updates on intergovernmental offices & environmental trade representatives abroad and trade shows, conference and seminar profiles. • Updated front matter features statistics and reports on air quality, waste, water quality/quantity, biodiversity and conservation, natural resource management, climate change and energy efficiency. • This newly updated guide provides a wealth of value-added information: Budget, Projects, Staff, Domestic Markets, Type of Ownership, Foreign Activity, Sources of Revenue, and Products/Services. Anyone involved with or interested in environmentally-friendly products and current regulations will want access to this outstanding business-building networking resource. Pub. Date: June 2018 / 968 pages / 10,000 entries / Softcover / $449.00 ISBN 978-1-68217-824-9 / e-Book 978-1-68217-825-6 Online Database: Call (866) 433-4739 for a price quote. CANADIAN PARLIAMENTARY GUIDE, 2018 CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE GUIDE, 2018-19 9,508 Environmental Products & Services Organizations 1,968 Municipal Executives 2,199 Major Corporation Executives 105 Senators 297 Members of the Queen’s Privy Council 338 Members in the House of Commons 746 Members of Provincial Legislatures SALEM PRESS Titles on literature, health, science, history, and more! New titles include: • Critical Survey of Graphic Novels: Heroes & Superheroes • Defining Documents in American History: The Legacy of 9/11 • Salem Health: Addictions, Substance Abuse & Alcoholism • Careers in Sports Medicine & Training Buy now and get free online access to your Salem Press content! Contact us for a copy of the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Salem Press catalogue See more at 8 GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | | (866) 433-4739 *Conditions apply Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Published by Grey House Publishing SALEM PRESS SALEM PRESS MORE THAN 40 NEW 2018/19 TITLES PRESS.COM (800) 221-1592 Get Free Online Access With Your Print Buy! Get Free Online Access With Your Print Buy! LITERATURE HISTORY SOCIAL SCIENCES CAREERS HEALTH SCIENCE canada_catalog_2019.indd 11 10/2/18 1:22 PM