Completely updated for 2018, Food and Beverage Market Place contains more information than ever before, including thousands of new entries and enhancements to many existing entries. With over 40,000 companies, 80,000+ key executive contacts and in-depth product categories, the three-volume Food & Beverage Market Place is the most powerful buying and marketing guide for anyone in the US food and beverage industry. A must for all business reference collections. Pub. Date: July 2018 / 3-Volume Set / 45,000 entries / 6,000 pages / Softcover / $595.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-68217-769-3 This publication provides detailed demographic and statistical data on over 80 counties and 2,300 places in New York. This title is divided into four sections to give the reader a real sense of the state and its history. This database includes a photo gallery and comprehensive sections on New York’s government, land and resources, demographics and much more. Other titles in the Profiles Of series include: California, Connecticut & Rhode Island, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina & South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and America. Pub. Date: April 2018 / 800 pages / Softcover / $149.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-68217-757-0 / e-Book 978-1-68217-758-7 The political, economic and business climates of the world have dramatically changed since the last edition and this 2017 edition uniquely captures these changes—from current facts and figures to keen insight into economic, social and business conditions of 231 nations. With almost 2,000 pages of critical political, economic and business information including narrative overviews, charts and maps, this edition is a timely and immensely valuable reference acquisition to all public, academic, high school and special library collections. Pub. Date: February 2018 / 1,600 pages / Softcover / $180.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-68217-387-9 GET FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT PURCHASE With thousands of updates to existing listings and hundreds of brand new listings, Business Information Resources is the most up-to-date source for contacts in 99 business areas—from ­ advertising and agriculture to utilities and e-commerce. The 23,000 entries listed in this database contain contact names, phone & fax numbers, website & email addresses, descriptions, membership information, ordering details and so much more! This is a perfect tool for marketing, advertising, public relations, market research, prospecting, opening new markets and so much more! Pub. Date: February 2018 / 1,800 pages / Softcover / $195.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-68217-727-3 GET ONE YEAR FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT PURCHASE FOOD & BEVERAGE MARKET PLACE, 2019 PROFILES OF NEW YORK STATE, 2018/2019 NATIONS OF THE WORLD, 2018 BUSINESS INFORMATION RESOURCES, 2018 Get FREE online access on the Salem platform! 13 GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | | (866) 433-4739 canada_catalog_2019.indd 16 10/2/18 1:23 PM