12 GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | www.greyhouse.ca | (866) 433-4739 This directory is the go-to source for station data and industry contacts in the US and Canadian television, radio and cable marketplace. Detailed entries contain call letters, type of station, frequency, antenna & transmitter data, as well as phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, hours of operation, station format, special programming and so much more! Connect with key contacts, from station managers to production directors, advertising to music directors; these important listings get you to the right person at the right organization in just one call. This directory is the most detailed, comprehensive and current broadcasting reference source available. Pub. Date: January 2018 / 2,000 pages / Softcover / $350.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-68217-388-6 GET ONE YEAR FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT PURCHASE Packed with need-to-know information, this edition offers immediate access to 2,300 Venture Capital Firms, over 10,000 Managing Partners and over 11,500 VC Investments. Guide to Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms is the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for VC firms on the marketplace today. This important reference provides immediate access to detailed contact information, managing partners with their degrees, directorships & professional background, satellite offices, mission statement, average & minimum investments, investment criteria/stage preferences, industry preferences, portfolio companies, geographic preferences, fund size and much more. With its comprehensive, worldwide coverage and detailed, extensive information on each firm, Guide to Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms is an important addition to any finance collection. Pub. Date: March 2018 / 800 pages / Softcover / $395.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-68217-728-0 A century and a half of America’s consumer economy in one easy-to-use volume, The Value of a Dollar records the actual prices of thousands of items that consumers purchased, from the Civil War to the present, along with facts about investment options and income opportunities. Using this data, readers will get a sense of how prices have changed over time and how those changes compare to the value of the dollar, to get a broader understanding of life in America, through the wallets of real Americans.The Value of a Dollar is a must for a wide range of curriculums, a useful reference for news feature writers and an important educational reference that will be referred to time and time again. Perfect for anyone curious about social history: students, writers, business historians, teachers, reporters and more. This interesting and useful publication will be widely used in any reference collection. Pub. Date: February 2014 / 684 pages / Hardcover / $155.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-61925-254-7 / e-Book 978-1-61925-292-9 GET FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT PURCHASE For over 20 years, this comprehensive, up-to-date directory has offered direct access to detailed listings of those involved with the sports industry. With 10 indexes, you can have immediate access to single and multi-sport organizations, media, sponsors, sponsorship & marketing event agencies, events & meetings, professional services, college sports, manufacturers & retailers and facilities. This will be an important resource for large public libraries, university libraries, university athletic programs, career services or job placement organizations and especially anyone marketing to the US sports industry. Pub. Date: May 2018 / 1,800 pages / Softcover / $295.00 USD / ISBN 978-1-68217-766-2 GET ONE YEAR FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT PURCHASE COMPLETE TELEVISION, RADIO & CABLE INDUSTRY GUIDE, 2018 GUIDE TO VENTURE CAPITAL & PRIVATE EQUITY FIRMS, 2018 THE VALUE OF A DOLLAR, 1860-2014 SPORTS MARKET PLACE, 2018 A SELECTION OF OUR MOST POPULAR AMERICAN TITLES canada_catalog_2019.indd 15 10/2/18 1:23 PM