3 GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | www.greyhouse.ca | (866) 433-4739 The Canadian Almanac & Directory is the most complete source of Canadian information available – cultural, professional and financial institutions, legislative, governmental, judicial and educational organizations. Canada’s authoritative sourcebook for 172 years, the Canadian Almanac & Directory gives you access to almost 100,000 names and addresses of contacts throughout the network of Canadian institutions. This 2019 edition has over 20,000 updates since last year! • Almanac – A fact-filled snapshot of Canada, with colour maps and photographs, informative charts and tables covering the country’s history, geography, science, awards & regulations, economics and vital statistics. • Arts & Culture – Provides information on 2,664 Canadian art galleries, aquariums & ecology centres, public gardens & horticulture centres, museums, observatories & planetariums, national parks and education centres, performing arts, science centres and biospheres, along with zoos, animal sanctuaries and wildlife areas. • Associations – Lists 8,268 associations and organizations arranged in over 140 topics from accounting to youth, with current contact information, detailed descriptions, executive names, publications and affiliations. • Broadcasting – Includes Canada’s major broadcasting companies, all radio and television stations, as well as cable companies and specialty broadcasters by province. All 1,759 listings provide contact information, personnel where available and frequency/ channel. • Business & Finance – Combines accounting firms, banks, boards of trade and chambers of commerce, credit unions, insurance companies, Canada’s major companies, stock exchanges and trust companies. • Education – Organized by province and territory, this directory includes 4,510 government agencies, districts, school boards, specialized and independent schools, colleges, universities and technical facilities and private schools, including facilities, campuses, and more. Listings include enrollment and grades. • Government: Federal & Provincial – Starts with a Quick Reference Guide, organized by government department and then by province, this directory outlines the federal and provincial government, providing contact information, designations and diplomatic and consular representatives. • Government: Municipal – Detailed listings arranged by province, with additional information on date of incorporation, square miles, population figures, a district map, notes concerning local government structure and elections. • Government: Judicial – Provides thorough coverage of federal and provincial courts in Canada. Listings are categorized by type of court and city within each province and include current judges. • Hospitals and Heath Care Facilities – Arranged by province, these 4,457 listings include number of beds, specialization and executives’ names. Government agencies, hospitals, community health centres, retirement care and mental health facilities are all arranged alphabetically by city for easy access. • Law Firms – With a separate section for major law firms, listings include descriptions and senior partners. Following the major law firms, listings are organized alphabetically by province. All listings indicate the number of lawyers in each firm. • Libraries – Begins with Canada’s main library/archive and government departments for libraries. Provincial listings follow, with regional systems listed first, then public libraries and archives; a total of 3,929 libraries. • Publishing – Includes data on book, magazine and newspaper publishers. Magazine listings are arranged in six major categories, preceded by a magazine name index for easy searching. Listings include frequency, circulation figures and profiles. • Religion – Offers broad information on religious groups, followed by associations arranged in 37 different denominations, from Adventist to Zoroastrian. • Sports – Lists associations for 110 single sports, plus detailed league and team listings for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse and soccer. Also includes major sports venues in Canada, stadiums and racetracks. • Transportation – Includes comprehensive listings for the major transportation modes along with associations, government agencies and port authorities; a total of 616 listings are included. • Utilities – Provides detailed data on 116 associations, as well as government agencies and provincial utility companies. Published continuously for 172 years, the Canadian Almanac & Directory is the best single reference source for business executives, managers and assistants, government and public affairs executives, lawyers, marketing, sales and advertising executives, researchers, editors and journalists, and is a must for public libraries and universities in need of Canadian contact information. Pub. Date: December 2018 / 2,400 pages / 40,000 entries / Hardcover / $449.00 ISBN: 978-1-68217-822-5 / e-Book 978-1-68217-823-2 REVIEWED: “The Canadian Almanac & Directory is a mainstay of Canadian reference resources… This publication will be helpful to public and academic libraries’ country studies and business collections.” –ARBA NEW IN THIS EDITION: • Significant updates to the Law FIrms section • Full updates to the top 1,000 corporations in Canada • Substantial updates to the Arts & Culture, Education, Judicial, Libraries, Publishing and Transportation sections • The latest Provincial and Municipal election results CANADIAN ALMANAC & DIRECTORY, 2019 5,472 Law Firms 4,510 Schools & Campuses 4,794 Government Bodies 3,106 Newspapers & Publications 1,988 Museums 1,759 Broadcasters 1,000 Major Companies 671 Hospitals 438 Art Galleries Includes brand new statistics, full-colour photos, and more! canada_catalog_2019.indd 6 10/2/18 1:22 PM