This title has been extracted from the American title, Guide to Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms. This Canadian title has been designed to give librarians, entrepreneurs and others interested in the Venture Capital and Private Equity fields the most essential and current information on the Venture Capital industry. Get information on: • Firm Names, Addresses, Phone & Fax Numbers • E-mail and Website Addresses • Investment Criteria/Stage Preferences • Fund Sizes • Managing Partners with their Degrees, Directorships & Professional Backgrounds • Industry Preferences & Geographic Preferences • Satellite Offices • Average & Minimum Investments • Portfolio Companies • Mission Statements • And much more Pub. Date: February 2018 / 170 pages / Softcover / $250.00 USD ISBN 978-1-68217-834-8 / e-book ISBN 978-1-68217-835-5 Online Database: Call (866) 433-4739 for a price quote. A well-written and remarkably comprehensive survey of Canada’s history, The History of Canada is sure to make a great addition to any library. All the information presented in this unique reference tool is in an accessible, easy-to-understand format that makes information from past to present lively and interesting to any reader. Subjects discussed include: • The political struggles of the past and present and the clash over issues of ethnicity, race, religion, language and culture are just some of the details that mark this country’s unmatched uniqueness • Early contact between Indigenous Peoples and Europeans, as well as the current burden of regional, cultural and ethnic diversity that characterizes Canada in present time • Early settlement by the French and the British, and the struggles of Canada dealing with those contesting empires • An examination of the economic, political and ethnic issues of this century, including Canada’s participation in world affairs • Short biographies of notable people in Canadian history, a list of all the Prime Ministers in Canada, a timeline of important events and a bibliographic essay • And much more, including colourful maps! The History of Canada will help meet many library research requests by being able to provide important background information when researching current and past social issues. Pub. Date: November 2010 / 500 pages / Second Edition / Hardcover / $165.00 USD ISBN 978-1-59237-610-0 / e-Book 978-1-59237-611-7 Online Database: Call (866) 433-4739 for a price quote. GUIDE TO CANADIAN VENTURE CAPITAL & PRIVATE EQUITY FIRMS, 2018 THE HISTORY OF CANADA g r e y h o u s e p u bl i s h i n g c a n a d a g u i d e t o c a p i t a l & p r i v a t e equity firms Over 800 executives in over 180 firms Your key to Canadian investment dollars v e n t u r e canadian c a p i t a l v entur e 2018 Ask us about receiving your FREE copy with the purchase of Financial Services Canada 11 GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | | (866) 433-4739 H. W. WILSON Databases, references resources and periodicals for schools, libraries and corporations Titles include: • Current Biography Magazine • Reference Shelf • Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature • Children’s Core Collection, 23rd ed. • Sears List of Subject Headings, 22nd ed. Online database available for Reference Shelf and Sears List of Subject Headings! Contact us for a copy of the 2019 HW Wilson catalogue See more at i 2019 Published and Distributed by Grey House Publishing Grey House Publishing Published and Distributed by canada_catalog_2019.indd 14 10/2/18 1:23 PM