b'CANADIAN PARLIAMENTARY GUIDE, 2020 "Highly recommended to academic and larger public libraries." ARBAAn indispensable guide to government in Canada, this completely bilingual title provides information on both federal and provincial governments, courts and their elected and appointed members. Detailed biographical sketches of members of the GovernorGenerals household, the privy council, members of Canadian105legislatures (federal, including both the House of Commons and the SenatorsSenate, provincial and territorial), members of the federal superior372courts (supreme, federal, federal appeal, court martial appeal andMembers of tax courts) and the senior staff for these institutions the Queens Privy Council Biographies cover personal data, political career, private career and contact information 338Members inthe House of Descriptions of each of the institutions, such as brief historical information in text and chart format and significant facts, including CommonsGREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | www.greyhouse.ca | (866) 433-4739the number of members and their salaries 746 Covers the results of all federal general elections and by-electionsMembers offrom confederation to the present and the results of the most recent Provincial federal and provincial elections LegislaturesCIRCComplete name index rounds out the text, making information easy to findPrint Database eBookFour-colour section with maps, flags and coats of armsNo other resource presents a more up-to-date, more complete picture of the Canadian government. A must-have resource for all Canadian reference collections.Pub. Date: March 2020l1,350 pageslHardcoverl$324.00lPrint ISBN 978-1-64265-624-4le-Book 978-1-64265-625-1Your Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription. Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.DIRECTORY OF DIRECTORS, 2020Better than Social Media, this Directory is Your Immediate Networking Link to 16,600 Top Canadian Executives for Business-to-Business Success"An excellent repository of data about directors and their companies and features results of surveys about directors in Canada."ARBASince 1931, the Directory of Directors has been an authoritative source of Canadian business information. This is the most complete and current source available for the names, directorships, educational and professional backgrounds, and business emails of movers and shakers in Canadian business. The Directory will help you streamline the time youd spend researching top Canadian executives and companies, so you can work smarter, not harder. The companies included in the Directory of Directors are carefully screened to represent Canadas premiere corporations. Youll have instant access to the people you need and the financial or business information youre looking for:16,600+ Canadian Business Leaderssearch by industry, name, province, city, postal code, title, school, gender and age 1,400 of Canadas Top Corporationscomplete company contact information; names and positions of key executives Handy IndexesGeographic Location Index grouping companies by city and province/state of CIRC head office; Industrial Classification Index listing key Canadian companies sorted by industry typePrint Database eBookThe Directory of Directors is available both in print and online formats. The online database allows users to AN EXCELLENT SOURCE FOR: conduct targeted searches, view extensive results, extract data and print customized reports or prospects lists. This title will serve a range of customers, including business students or researchers, small or largeSales and marketing professionals business owners, job seekers or others searching for new networking opportunities.Government officials Pub. Date: September 2019l1,470 pageslHardcoverl$459.00Journalists ISBN: 978-1-64265-245-1le-Book 978-1-64265-246-8 Not-for-profits Your Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription. Librarians and reference specialistsEmployment agencies Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.7FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY!'