b'CANADIAN WHOS WHO, 2020A Comprehensive Guide to the TOP 10,000 CanadiansThese lives, summed up in a few lines, recount history as it was and is being made.Roch Carrier, Former National LibrarianPublished since 1910, this work captures the lives and achievements of thousands of Canadian professionals, including artists, politicians, public servants, academics, writers, doctors, philanthropists, business moguls, athletes, and more.Canadian Whos Who is the only authoritative publication of its kind in Canada, offering access to thousands of Canadian icons from all walks of life. This familiar bright-red volume is recognized as the standard reference source of contemporary GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | www.greyhouse.ca | (866) 433-4739Canadian biographies, profiling individuals in such fields as law, education, politics, entertainment, business, and more.Documenting the achievements of Canadians from a variety of occupations and professions, Canadian Whos Who records the diversity of culture in Canada. All who are interested in the achievements of Canadas most influential citizens and 2020their significant contributions to the country and the world beyond should acquire this reference title.EACH DETAILED ENTRY INCLUDES: Date/Place of Birth EducationCIRCMembershipsPrint Database eBookFamily Life Career Information2,149Creative WorksProfessorsHonors/Awards Contact Information2,112.and much more!ExecutivesEvery year, new biographies are added and older entries are updated with the most recent information. Individuals listed have all been selected 882 based on their important positions in Canadian society or because of their significant contributions to Canada.Writers792 Pub. Date: December 2019l1,300 pageslHardcoverl$324.00lPrint ISBN: 978-1-64265-241-3le-Book 978-1-64265-242-0Lawyers Your Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription.407 Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.Politicians359 A ABBOTT,Elizabeth, e. M.A.,Ph.D.;historian,writer,dogchildren; 1st el. to H. of C. (Kootenay East) g.e. 1993; rescuer;b.Ottawa,Ont.;d.WilliamRichardandMargaretre-el.(KootenayColumbia)1997,2000,04,06,08;did Artists Abbott; child: Ivan; Sir George Williams Univ. B.A.not run 2011; Parlty. Secy. to the Min. of Cdn. Heritage 1963; McGill Univ. M.A. 1966, Ph.D. 1971; WRITER200608; Sworn to the Privy Council 2007; Parlty. Secy. ABBOTT3AARON, Raymond Leonard,B.Sc.; New York Times Topand SR. RSCH. ASSOC., TRINITY COLLEGE, UNIV.totheMin.ofInternat.Cooperation200810;formerOp-300 Ten Bestselling author, business coach, professional speaker,G66,OF i TORONTO; t Editor-in-Chief, 2 of TheUrban Pet(news- positionCriticCdn.Heritage,SolicitorGeneral,Revenue A ABBOTT, Elizabeth,e AS.i r19 Ph.D.; histori aann,d w Mriatergr, adreot gc Rsch. Parlty.o bfi aC) .1 (K te0n0a0y, E0a4s,t ) 0g6.e, . 0189;93 idQubec,Canada,RegionalDevel.&theSenate;formerChair,B.C. rescuer; b. Ottawa, Ont.; Md AW.,i lleioamrge Rchiallridams Univ. B.A.reh-ieldl.r e(nK; oo1tset nealy. tCo olHu.mto997o,oMin. of Cdn.d; real estate entrepreneur; b. Sept. 1944; s. Joseph and Gladyspaper) 199193; run 2011;Dir., Centre dEtude duAARON,RaymondLeonard, im A9b6b3o;t tM; c chGiilldl:UIvnainv.; M Concordia not196684; Secy.the2 General,HeritageColl.,ConservativeCaucus;num.Parlty.Cttes.incl.Vice-Chair, WAaron; married; children: Juli-Ann Elizabeth, Emma Jacque- Ph.D. 1971; WRITER200608; Sworn etorn atht.e CProf. Hist., Dawson1 Univ. 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Heritage; review of the Broadcasting Act; Aaron; Elizabeth,294 197378;pyunt;eres.,Umnaivth. . of&ToprhoynstiocsB.1S9c6.(6H; oPnRs.E) S., scHhoElaRrsAhiYpMinOcNomD - Montre-Calh i1e9f,72h8r4o;n R Women, A TrinityCtetem. . oRne f2o0r0m0 P0a3rt;y C 1o9n9s4er2va0t0iv0e;CPdanrt.y R oeff oCramn aCdoan 2se0r0v3ati1v1e ;Coll.,Univ.Alliance200003;ConservativePartyofCanada200311; T W C icleeu tePrusbliceaptoiortnesrfo9r8 9Ha9i1ti;1D9e8a6n 8o8f ;m CollegeandDean,St.Hildas1Edo.m-inen, Trinity College and Dean, St. Hildas Coll., Univ.AllianceMath.Teacher,r NewtonbrookS.NSe. ;S.S.196971;Tropiecgaal cOy bsessio uHn (play)Meme.rfCorh aCiarr,B and Tropical Obsession(play)Mem. for Cranbrook, Bd. of Govs., Coll. of the Rockies; 1 M Newtonbrookisto R1972;beganinvestingin 97s3t;.,creator/teache of Celiba 1999;1986;Ha gar: rA yfoormme: Was nbd. .r ooofk D, iBrsd,Bouf rGgeosvss S., hCaloel lG. eoof scthieenceo Fckdine.s; ; C9o7m3pu7t8e;rTeaatchh.er,TeWaachikear,toeaTleecshtnatieca1lIn w19Z6e9ala7n1d r1986; Haictyi: The DuAv aHliiesrtso rayn do ft hMeiirs tLresses1090838;; S iti:The aBC theirLegacy AHistoryformerChair,Bd.ofDirs.,BurgessShaleGeoscienceFdn.; Computer Teacher, Waikato Technical Inst., New Zealandrtlist, Charles Taylor Prize forH Duvaliers 1988; 2Scientists &12-hourRealEstateCourse198395;openedarealestateL Aof Celibacy1999; A History of Mistresses2003; Sugar:AHome: Wasa BC. bookstore198h4e;-mlaounnthchCedD W heBittersweet History 2008 0(s9h);o wardBittersweetHistory2008(shortlist,CharlesTaylorPrizefor 1972; began investing in real estate 1973; creator/teacherHistory of MarriageABBOTT, [Caroline] Louise;d. 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William Richard and BuinzcUhedbuCsilnasesssAccotliloengeL1a9w92suwititahgaTi.nHstarBvloEckeQr19b92co9issi8b4na GovernmD enta? TheCanadian DilemmaUfnih T variousT incl:R MembersofParliament c chargingthemwith e perjuryandCa 0 dsa1967;185t4es of the Legislative A embly o tee dMoanrictoimrdeiacentresLesBanffn Editor-in-Chief Collections. Kris and Lilly Jensen 20 Apr. 1985; e. McGill Univ. 176 interview-of-the-month CD subscription service); founded119Ha it ss :AShatteredNation W 2011; Centre Sch. of Fine Arts;la ChronicleMargaretLangley(Griggs)Abbott;m.NielsKroghJensen and operated the Millionaire Club 198894; launched Thei honours: Lt.CWUrinteivr.s; SaoidrkysehoBpr;o Ufnmiav.nofC eNnetrwe, Bruonnstwreiaclk; ; 197083; treason,includingincjiuanlOtipopnosrietiqounes1t9in9g3;tjhoainttd becameGoatv Ms SagilavzeirnrseRAuwna rBrownof ox Canada1990;co-compiled Linventaire dedeheCyonnsoutmbee rNMedal dH ifostr. , ESnirv iGroenomrgeen tWal iWlliarmitisn gU fnoirv . 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