b'LIBRARIES CANADA, 2021-2022 "Libraries Canada is highly recommended to libraries supporting a program in Library and Information Science and should also be purchased by larger public and academic library collections.ARBALibraries Canada is a vital reference tool for publishers, advocacy groups, students, research institutions, computer hardware suppliers and other diverse groups that provide products and services to this unique market. This resource contains information on Canadian libraries,3,309their branches, resource centres, business informationPublic centres, professional associations, regional libraryLibrariessystems, archives, library schools and library technical programs. Each year, extensive updates are made to734existing listings and new libraries are added. University/College Detailed listings of each library and service include: LibrariesGREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | www.greyhouse.ca | (866) 433-4739 Founding Date 395 Number of Employees Government Hours of Operation Libraries Population Served / FTE 541 Subjects Archives Special Collections Offices Acquisitions Budget 36 Regional System Name LibraryConnectivity and Public Internet ConsortiaCIRC Information can be found within the six indexes: Subject Print Database eBook Index, Geographic Index, Personnel Index, GovernmentLibraries Index, Archive Index and Entry Name Index.Pub. Date: June 2021 l 900 pages l 6,600 entries l Softcover l $379.00 l Print ISBN 978-1-64265-921-4 l eBook 978-1-64265-922-1Your Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription. Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.CANADIAN ENVIRONMENTAL 2022-2023RESOURCE GUIDE, 2022-20232022-2023 Canadian2 The Canadian Environmental Resource Guide is the2,122Canadian255tthhEEddiittiioonnmost complete and only national listing of majorGovernmentEn onmentalenvironmental companies, federal and provincialBodies Envirvironmentalagencies, municipal governments, associations, and2,369 law firms, plus over 200 pages of industry statistics R esource Guide and conferences. AssociationsResource GuideThis new edition includes 40 biographies of prominent Canadian environmentalists, an expanded environmental4,000chronology & statistics section, updates on intergovernmentalLawyers offices & environmental trade representatives abroad, and1,700trade show, conference and seminar profiles.MunicipalUpdated front matter features statistics and reports onContacts Environmental Industry Update 2021Environmental Products & Servicesair quality, waste, water quality/quantity, biodiversity and1,700Recent EventsBuyers Guideconservation, natural resource management, and climateMajorMapsConsultingchange and energy efficiency. CorporationRankingsDistributing StatisticsEngineeringExecutives Trade Shows & ConferencesManufacturingThis newly updated guide provides a wealth of value-added Waste Managementinformation: organization scope, budget, environmental Environmental Government Listings& more Intergovernmental OfficesNew for this Editionspecialties, and detailed contact information for both organizations and executives. Trade RepresentativesUpdated Environmental Statistics & MunicipalArticlesAnyone involved with or interested in resources and services for the environmental industry will want access to this outstanding business-building networking resource.Pub. Date: July 2022l 900 pagesl6,500 entrieslSoftcoverl$299.00 Print ISBN 978-1-63700-314-5le-Book 978-1-63700-315-2CIRC Your Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription. Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.Print Database eBook5FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY!'