b'ASSOCIATIONS CANADA, 2024 "A comprehensive reference work a useful tool for those needing information not only on Canadian associations but also for a myriad of sectors that use the information to which various associations provides access."ARBAAssociations Canada covers Canadian organizations and 20,209 international groups including industry, commercial and Associations professional associations, registered charities, and special interest and common interest organizations.31,114 This resource contains comprehensive coverage of over Executives20,000 regional, national and international organizations. 1,765 Detailed listings include:Conferences Number of MembersMembership Criteria5,288Scope of ActivityMeetings Carrires et emploi Canada GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | www.greyhouse.ca | (866) 433-4739PublicationsOrganizational ProfileRegistered Charities7,198Operating BudgetPublicationsAwardsStaff SizeSources of Funding Founding DateJurisdiction BranchesInternship Programs Mailing ListsLicensing Body Membership FeesAwardsEight Indexes: Subject Index, Acronym Index, Geographic Index, Budget Index,Executive Name Index, Conferences & Conventions Index, Mailing List Index, CIRCand Registered Charitable Organizations Index Print Database eBookThis popular title provides the most comprehensive picture of Canadas non-profit sector and is a vital resource for anyone who wants to locate non-profit interest groups and trade associations. Associations Canada is also a strong source of prospects for sales and marketing executives, tourism and convention officials, researchers and government officials.Pub. Date: April 2024 l 2,200 pages l 20,000 entries l Softcover l $499.00 l Print ISBN 978-1-63700-916-1 l eBook 978-1-63700-917-8Your Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription. Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.CAREERS & EMPLOYMENT Careers & Employment Canada is a new go-to resource for job-seekers across Canada, with2021 2021CANADA 1st Edition 1st Editiondetailed, current information on everything from industry associations to summer jobCareers & opportunities. Divided into five helpful sections, this guide contains XXXXX organizations and XXXXX industry contacts to aid in research and jump-start careers in a variety of Careers & Employment Canada is a valuable reference tool that gives job seekers and fields.Associationscareer expNearly 800 national associations covering an array of industries and professionslorers an edge in todays job market. Users will be able to find leads theyEmployers Careers & Employment Canada Employmentmay not have heard about if it werent for this great new print and online database. Arts & Culture Business & FinanceIn addition, self-assessment tests assist people in exploring what career is the right fit,Education Environmentalwhile relevant websites provide further information to help them determine a Food Manufacturers & Wholesalers Government (Federal, Provincial & Municipal) Canadacareer path. ealthcare H Legal Major Corporations in Canada Telecommunications & Media Users can find results quickly and easily in the print guide Transportation Recruiters or by using CIRCs customized search menu, including: 730 Carrires et emploi Canada Top recruiting firms across Canada, organized by national and provincial scopeSummer JobsAssociationsCareer Associations National and regional summer job opportunitieseverything from government agencies to summer campsCareer Employment Websites19,500EmployersCareer & Employment Websites National & Regional IndustryExecutives Topic-SpecificIndustry Contacts Employment Options7,800Recruiters Clientele Where to Get ResourcesEmployersIndustry Awards & HonoursRounding off this brand new resource are XXXXX pages of reports on the current job market in Canada, a list of industry Awards and Honours, as well as Entry and Executive indexes for even easier reference. Valuable for employment professionals, librarians, teachers, and job-seekers alike, Summer JobsCareers & Employment Canada helps take the strain out of 750And much more!job searching by providing a direct link to the organizations and contacts that matter most. RecruitersIn print and online, this resource helps users find information onAssociations Career & Employment Websites630 nearly 8,000 potential employers, vastly expand their contactEmployers Industry ContactsRecruiters Awards & HonoursIndustry Awards Summer Jobs Reports on the Job Market978-1-64265-713-5 network, uncover essential career and job search tips and gain And More! 411 Queen St. West, 3rd Fl.helpful insights into their field. Careers & Employment Canada is Toronto, ON M6J 0A5416-644-6479866-433-4739SW-COC-002358 perfect for job seekers, librarians, employment centre advisors, FAX: 416-644-1904www.greyhouse.cainfo@greyhouse.caschool career counselors, recruiters and HR professionals. CIRCPrint Database eBookPub. Date: November 2020l900 pageslSoftcoverl$259.00lPrint ISBN 978-1-642 65-713-5leBook: 978-1-642-65-714-2Your Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription. Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.4FREE ONLINE ACCESS WITH YOUR PRINT BUY!2022-388 Canada Catalog 2024.indd 4 2023-09-27 2:50 PM'