b'CANADIAN WHOS WHO, 2023A Comprehensive Guide to the TOP 10,000 CanadiansCANADIANThese lives, summed up in a few lines, recount history as it was and is being made.Roch Carrier, Former National LibrarianPublished since 1910, this work captures the lives and achievements of thousands of Canadian professionals, including artists, politicians, public servants, academics, writers, doctors, philanthropists, business moguls, athletes, and more.Canadian Whos Who is the only authoritative publication of its kind in Canada, offering access to thousands of Canadian icons from all walks of life. This familiar bright-red volume is recognized as the standard reference source of contemporary Canadian biographies, profiling individuals in such fields as law, education, politics, entertainment, business, and more.Documenting the achievements of Canadians from a variety of occupations and GREY HOUSE PUBLISHING CANADA | www.greyhouse.ca | (866) 433-4739professions, Canadian Whos Who records the diversity of culture in Canada. All who are interested in the achievements of Canadas most influential citizens and their significant contributions to the country and the world beyond should acquire this reference title.EACH DETAILED ENTRY INCLUDES:2023 Date/Place of Birth Education Memberships Family Life Career InformationCIRCCreative WorksPrint Database eBookHonors/Awards Contact Information2,097.and much more!Professors Every year, new biographies are added and older entries are updated with the most 2,457 recent information. Individuals listed have all been selected based on their important Executives positions in Canadian society or because of their significant contributions to Canada.1,216 Pub. Date: December 2022 l 1,300 pages l Hardcover l $324.00 l Print ISBN: 978-1-63700-324-4 l e-Book 978-1-63700-325-1WritersYour Print Purchase Includes a Free Single-User Online Database Subscription.784 Call (866) 433-4739 for library-wide online database subscriptions.Lawyers498Politicians404 A ABBOTT,Elizabeth, e. M.A.,Ph.D.;historian,writer,dogchildren; 1st el. to H. of C. (Kootenay East) g.e. 1993; rescuer;b.Ottawa,Ont.;d.WilliamRichardandMargaretre-el.(KootenayColumbia)1997,2000,04,06,08;did Abbott; child: Ivan; Sir George Williams Univ. B.A.not run 2011; Parlty. Secy. to the Min. of Cdn. Heritage 1963; McGill Univ. M.A. 1966, Ph.D. 1971; WRITER200608; Sworn to the Privy Council 2007; Parlty. Secy. Artists and SR. RSCH. ASSOC., TRINITY COLLEGE, UNIV.totheMin.ofInternat.Cooperation200810;formerOp-AARON, Raymond Leonard,B.Sc.; New York Times TopABBOTT3Ten Bestselling author, business coach, professional speaker,OF TORONTO; Editor-in-Chief, ( t TheUrban Pet(news- positionCriticCdn.Heritage,SolicitorGeneral,Revenue A ABBOTT, Elizabeth,e. Sir Geo .D.; historian, writer, dog.children; 2 1st el. tCo oHlu.mo bfi aC) .1 (K 2e0n0a0y, E0a4s,t ) 0g6.,e . 0189;93 idQubec,Canada,RegionalDevel.&theSenate;formerChair,B.C. 400 real estate entrepreneur; b. Sept. 1944; s. Joseph and GladysDir.,paper) du199193; t Rsch. Dir., Centre 2 dEtude d;du Coll.,ConservativeCaucus;num.Parlty.Cttes.incl.Vice-Chair, rescuer; b. Ottawa, Ont.; Md AW.,i lPlihamrg eRichiallrida mans dU Mnaivr.g aBre.Atreo-te lr.unKo0o1te1n; aPyarlty. Secy. to997o,oMin. of Cdn. Heritage Abbott; child: Ivan;W n the Aaron; married; children: Juli-Ann Elizabeth, Emma Jacque- Concordia Univ. 196684; Prof. of Hist., S DawsonAARON,RaymondLeonard, c Ba.cShc,.;pNroefwesYsioornkaTl im 1n9d6 3S; RM. cRGSiCll HU. nAivS. SMOC.A.,.T1R96IN6,I TPYh. DC.O 1 W, RUITNews- 2o0 0th6e 0M8;i nS. wofo Irnnt etron. aHt.e Criotage, Solicitor Ge 7; Parlty.Haiti 198688;Ctte. on Cdn. Heritage; review of the BroadcastingAct; ellingauthor, speeaskTeor, pa TORONTO; Editor-in-Chief, TheL9L7E1;GE (n ERposition Critic Cdn the Proivpeyr aCtioounn 2ci0l08001n0e;r afol,r mReerv enue Oepc-y. IV. lyn; e. Univ. of Toronto B.Sc.(Hons.) on scholarship in com- Montreal 197284; Reuters Reporter forOFUrban Pet Scientists &puters,Teeanlr Bsetsattseaerrniterde;pcrheniledurer;nb:.JSuleip-At1o944; PRES., THEpaper) 199193; Rsch.Centre dEtudeQubec,Canada, Rtievgei oCnaaul cDuse;v enlu. m&.tPhaer lStye.nattete; sf.o i rn 198991; Dean ofmem.ReformParty19942000;Cdn.ReformConservative e m business. nn s.JosephandGladysConcordia Univ. 196684; Prof.Ed.-in-Chief, Chronicle Publications mcel.rVCihcaei-rC, Bha.Cir, . math. & physics 1966;on EmmaJacque- RAYMONDof Hist., Dawson Coll.,Conserva Cdn. Heritage; review ofC the Broadcasting Act; Aaron; Elizabeth, M R on p T Edo.-nitnre-Calh i1e9f,72h8r4o;nWomen,TrinityCtetem. . cRee f2o0r0m0 P0a3rt;y C 1o9n9s4erv20at0i0ve;CPdanrt.y R oeff oCramn aCdoan 2se0r0v3ati1v1e ;Coll.,Univ.Alliance200003;ConservativePartyofCanada200311; iceleu tePrus bRliceaptoiortnesrfo9r8 9Ha9i1ti;1D9e8a6n 8o8f ;CollegeandDean,St.HildasResearcherslyunt;eres.,Umnaivt.h.of&ToprhoynstoicsB.1S9c6.(6H; oPnRs.E) S., scHhoElaRrsAhYipMinOcNomD - . S.S.C 1 Obsessio Hn istorym Tropical Obsession(play)Mem. for Cranbrook, Bd. of Govs., Coll. of the Rockies; 1 M 71;Women, Trinity College and Dean, St. Hildas Coll.,U(pnlay) iv.Allian c ceo cFkdine.s; ; 197378;Math.Teacher,Newtonbrook196971;y A M ovss S., hCaloel lG. eoofs thieen Rbegan atca1l cre 1986; Haiti: The Duvaliers and theTirro Lpiecgaalc1090838;; foremme. r fCorh aCirr, aBndbr. ooofk D, iBrsd.,.Bofu rGgesC9o7m3pu7t8e;r investinginr Newht tonbroonkst.S, .SeawtorZ/te lahned rof ttCeersliwbeaecty HistoryA1999; History of1986;Haiti:TheDuvaliersandtheirLegacy AHistoryformerChair,Bd.ofDirs.,BurgessShaleGeoscienceFdn.; 1972; Teaacthh.er,TWeaachikeart,oeaTleecs ni e 9 I73; N 196e9aac Bi2 Sugar: AHome: Wasa BC.1988;300 Computer Teacher, Waikato Technical Inst., New Zealand( A AMistressesMarriaget 1999; A History ( of Mistresses2003; Sugar:AHome: Wasa BC. 1972; began investing in real estate 1973; creator/teacher); wardof Celibacy ABBOTT, [Caroline] Louise;d. William Richardlm-2008 (shortlist, Charles Taylor Prize for boo CD W epaetonredSoaurrecefoun(daen dG Bitterswee History2008(shortlist,CharlesTaylorPrizefor 12-hkosutorrRe e1a9l 8 E4s;taltaeuCnochuerdse19e8a3lth95C; ro alestateLsihteorratlriys t,Nono-vF. icGtieonne r2a0l0s9History of2021001)0 ;maker; b. Montreal, Que. 1950;a nd for Non-Fiction interview-of-the-month subscriptionservlaicuen)c;hed B Hfa Citai:n Aa dSahattered NationLinventaiRrea cdies mlaoCr Respon- s. aKrgriasr eta nLda nLgillelyy enrsigegns )2 A0 bAboptrt. ; 1m9.8 5N; ieel.sMKrcoGgihl l JeUnnsievn .2010ABBOTT,[Caroline]Louise; lm-12-hour Real Estate Course 198395; opened a real estateCh orlole ncitciloe nM JGa The anko1990; co-compil2e0d1 1; Editor-in-ChiefNon-Fiction 2009); A History of MarriageRnadymopoenrdatAedartohneGMroiluliponaiVreISCAluCba1rd98jo8in9tl4y; L LiteraryMusicians bookstore 1984; launched Wealth withRoyal Source (an 1968; editorGov. t B.A.(Hons.) Eng. 1972; WRITER AND DOCUMEN- 2010);maker; b. Montreal, Que. 1950; d. William Richard and Creatorsiobuleis -GHoivpepronlmyteen Lt?a FTohnet aFinreenchTARY PHOTOGRAPHER 1971 ; DOCUMENTARY BuinzcUhedbuCslinaessssAccotliloegn e1992withT.HarvEker199294;18a4n0adsa1967;Vols. 119(shortlist, tee dC Fine Arts; interview-of-the-month CD subscription service); foundedCalantaivdei aAns sDemilebmlym oafUofnih Generals Award for Non-Fictionla LawsuitagainstBlocQubcoisC 1841De1b8a5t4es of the Legis 197083; hand operated the Millionaire Club 198894; launched TheHaiti:AShatteredNation ncol:r kBshaonpff; Editor-in-Chief ChronicleMargaretLangley(Griggs)Abbott;m.NielsKroghJensen MembersofParliament c chargingthemwithperjuryandN v.s Silver Medal Hist., Sir George William s oUnonuivr.s :1 9L6t3. ;in avriatrimioue s Wcernitterress iW 2011; Uennivtr.e oSf chN. ewof Bruonnstwreiaclk; ;laCollections. Kris and Lilly Jensen 20 Apr. 1985; e. McGill Univ. 173 treason, m includingincjiuanlOtipopnosrietqiounes1t9in9g3;tjhoaitnetdheCyonnsoutmbee rt Goaht.e rMe aRgiavzeirnseRAuwna rBd rfoowr nE nivni ronmental 1W99r1it;i nCg of-ofro uHndaeitri, :M co-compiled nB e Linventaire dede orRespon- B.A.(Hons.) Eng. 1972; WRITER ; AND DOCUMEN-Raymond Aaron Group VISA Card jointly with Royal Bankof ox Canada1990; Utenliive.;r ,S coronntrfems anIn F M la C Laeisd yReeteCrnenattiroen, ales W Equin Leo nGcorradnida ADirecfatstyMentorp palndey,r Maleuca1994andbecameRive Govt. V rv 9 Louis-HippolyteLaFontaine1968;editor s Racism of theTARY PHOTOGRAPHER 1971 DOCUMENTARY theonthl esatrkbeutisningescso-mbruoigram inelintsthhlyisMtoernyt;orl.cauomnchaenddth eityHredrailtea gHei sAtowriacradlS20o0c7. )1;9 M9o (uHnet rSitaingaeiTVoorolunntote Cero mSemrvuinc-ePhoortkosghroapphs,i eR, oAckrpleosr,tFMraainncee ;1 9In7t1er9n3a;t .CDil-mR O&MTperoledvuisceior, n M Course1996; Mo ForLoveand heAward; City of Toronto Community Service Volunteer Award;W The French Canadian DilemmaBiz U business college 1992 with T. Harv Eker 199294;sible Government? McGill New MagazineActors launchedEntrepreneur launched i 1 launched andmarketing MoneyOnt.Qubcois1840s T 1967; DebatesoftheLegislativeAssemblyofUnited Retreat1998; branding 2011); work- U nlaudnat;e ePr ESNe197a3rds7)7; D ymOarggaazniinzea tiroenc do.fnCuamneardoau); s Class Action Lawsuit against Bloco ao P Cicaen aAdaw; arVdo; lumnetemer.,,Thafee lWmruistiekr; saw (dOurCin g( Dwochuicmh entitmadra; Cooprative des Artistes de by psiMarketingGeniusConference they withBdn.i oonfDfi rCs., aSrbt.udaa trAicsksns.Bofe nTeovroolnetnot;ASoncg.l;i cEatnh;i claaln gSuuaggaers; :Te Writers Union of Cana Writers Assn. of Canada; Members ofsh0o-10a-t1ic0aPllyroignrcarmeasetn charginglanuenucrhsehdowThte oAntigua & B andCanada 18411854 Vols. 119 197083; honours: Lt.in various centres incl: Banff Centre Sch. of Fine Arts; dram themGheorgeville; 1 he2i0r e e getE perjuryskating, bicycling, swimming.mem., Professional lms incl. 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Film & Television a 1990;S 1993; E 90; MentorM SUolLuTmANT, .AC.ISci., Okanagan Univ. isCtroicllt.1 96;R 2010, 11, HistOornicce G Upon a Time 2009,VolunteerServiceWorkshops,RockportMaine197193;CD-ROMproducer, 1990s 198179; Instr., Pol.Joehmne mBobyenr ton 20 eorgeville: Walks and Talks with W P dpringboIsarYdoutroSiufeccAesRs andomBlWooamlk?Where 1993;20h1a3ir, ;and theityHeritageAward2007);MountSinaiYohuorseeInlaCntheargeWhenYoureNot?1994; C TRad2i0o1 Q4;uWbericte arn &dDAisscsot. vDeriyr. ,C Le NFuilneat avliudke: /2012, Monthly Mentor program MonthlyMentor.comColumbia-Shuswap Regionarl mDer Owner of o1998800ld9e6s; tAh Fe oErmgoptttye nN eSttoryhannel 1996 1995;DiscoveringHowToDoWhatYouLove1998;Douabglie c &Entrepreneur Course 1996; launched For Love and MoneyAward;CityofToronto i CommunityServiceVolunteerAward;McGillNewsMagazineYourIncoNmeew1998; TCimhiecskenSoupforhicthkeen P book oulCo luanrgceilslto br efroryrSfaircmam ino uths e1 B99.C0. i9n6te; rfioo r;0 19s, td eidl.ntoo tB s.eCe.k L reeg-iesl. .(n Docs!ServiceAward; M mem., The Writers 197377 (during which time magazine recd. numerous 2000 TopTen);C SaoruepntfsorSthe(Shuswap) g.e. 1996; re-el. 2001, 05,cial Oppositionwciln. nBeers ot fD soecvuemrael natawrayr dssc iienn Ccea,n eandvai,r oFnramnecne t a&nd te tchhen Uol.oSg., y And more! Retreat 1998; (on Soul York forsix branding and marketing work- andOnt. Govt. Volunteer ( 96, Toronto); Narration C W19y9s8t;e Pryro o dfu cthee rTafelmusik;awards); DOC (Documentary Organization of Canada); launchedction in& Critic for Mun. Affairsfor Forests; former Depy.HotBCri-teTrV, Canadianshops iMarketingGeniusConference 2011); launched TheCttes. onUnion of Canada; PEN Canada; Volunteer,Canadaever2y0w05;eek months); uaranteedHWaenadlbthooIn k,Chair, Select StandingandF foinrmes erBlue Whale ThVei sNioantus roefotfh Te hLinogwser North Shore of Quebec RealEstate TheMonthlyMentGorGoals & Petroleum Resourceson Aboorreigsitns,a lE Aneffragiyr,s ;M1C 97-,ROMs):Esprance9D Bonne 10-10-10 Program in 2012 to teach entrepreneurs how toBd.ofDirs.,St.PatricksBenevolentSoc.;EthicalSugar;TheWritersUnionofCanada;CooprativedesArtistesde EnojuobyliengYoMureaInsucroambeleDMooinngthWlyhPartoYgoruesLsoAvuetomagiBcarallnyding 2005;of inC. omofm Scia,l O Resourceucoums eCnttse . Soenrv C e &BarbudaAssn.of The CoasfttWhea yS:t .A Lawrence Portrait of thelanguages:Georgeville; mem., Professional WritersAssn. of Canada; D BusinessforDummies2 2008; M uunsittayinable Apboporisgiitnioanl&Ca W icreismMi Min.documentary photographs:Toronto;Anglican;dramatically increase their business by the authority they getAntigua 2;0 0n1. o0f 4;English on the Lower North Shore o The French 1988 Small Mgmt. 200405;(shortlisted for QSPELL award 1989),Shore: p a0F1o2r(oDnulymamutiheos rbtooohka)v;ecdoomne - &R fe Llaetaidoenr sNewfoundlands P sula 1996, preface byswimming. aleCtehdicake3n50S-omuiple,bomooknth-longand footracetotheNorthce:Po4l4e 5He0 English,French;recreation:skating,bicycling,by writing a book; launch The Ultimate Author BootcampApbuotyri gHinoaul seRE. Annie Proulx,el 20 altehc oSnecrivliaicteios n 220000590190; ; MGionv. t.o De Guide to the Lower North Shore ofidu1999,thetlms incl. The History of in 2012 to help authors create wealth in their business;Web: elizabethabbott.caof B n aenbde cGrand:T hAeTHraevarAo Crto-auun-tPryo rSt oP WenilQWeb: aaron.comf 9 rd M ; Min. of dE.d iunc aPtoiol.n S2c0i.1, 1Un12iv;.roefs iVgnicetdo;r iSae 2s0si1o3na l ;of theFarm: Af Histo ryphrmagog: A Fences inEasternNunavik 1993, The Pinnacle and the Poet1995, Alexan-Locrmtr.,e 1o0citnoorar lH coacnkey Coach; Liberal; Home: Sicamous BC;T uebec2008, EaerynosuaIsntdch honours:MauriceHuttonAlumnischolarship1962,Cdn.To rnsdhip i sQ 2010, Mem ee :I lLluasntrda otef dth He iCstroerey//erw e es sC or nAARTS,MichelleMarie, 1B Univ. .M Internat. Entrepreneur ofABBOTT, George Malcolm, B.A., M.A.; consultant,derWalbridge:TheVisionaryofMystic Crisscrossing professor;b.St.Marys, nalist, W.Smc,aPnhd.HD;Ascairetsn;tmist. ,Web: circlesquaresolutions.comUne histoire illustre 2n0d1 4m; afegaatzines; ure stories and photongdr aspohlo s2002,Ont.97.S0c;.d, spapers a num. group athe Year Award 1988; author A Programmed Instructionformerpolitician; i b.Enderby,B.C.1952;s.MalcolmandSpaceandTime:AHistoryofFarmFencing2007, Quebec L.MacManus;twochildren;e. ofWestern Ont.B.Sc. ABBOTT, Jennifer,lmmaker; b.etreal,inx bnnusm. o. fn pewhotloicg craopllhsy.iinnc lC. 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Coll. 198096;JohnBoynton2011, OnceUponaTime 2012, Nunaaluk: Bd. t 1993; P Is n Your Tools e inBrain A are;1 Walk? do at f MyThe VM 2013; BraveLeNt e IwHist.Soc.;MissisquoiHist.Soc.;formermem.,Bd.of198096;AForgottenStory2014; Writer&Asst.Dir.,LeFiletvide/m css an o CdCnh.aPirh,yNsioSlh.Seomc.a;eChdnnC. hislsdnc.efoir nR ACow Altern TabCleorporatioUnnspeak: Columbia-Shuswap Regional District ofoldestTheEmptyNetRadioQubecandDiscoveryChannel1996 Neeumr.o,sScoi.c;.cfoo-raNuthor:Therapeutic VWhoseInChargeWhenYoureNot?Damag Bio- MentorMagic Chair, C tlm-going. Pr Inr tions:Biology, 1994; teisdteedGroun a idaekoinognCiadenoadaNs:WTehsetCoona-st Sicamous199096;formerOwnerinfoorema journalarticles; omtiicanddDrrutgeiDesitgenac2005;18pub. 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